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          Customized packaging

          PPO GROUP CZ, s.r.o. offers a wide range of returnable packaging under its own EKOLINE brand. (ECOlogical, ECOnomical) made of PP and PE materials.
          Products of EKOLINE series can be customized exactly according to customer's requirements. Production can be realized in piece quantities.

          The EKOLINE series includes:
          • Boomerang boxes, Combi boxes, Sliding waves I. II. III. generation, Sliderpac, Ecofoldbox, Smartfoldbox
          • Textile and foam dunnage, corrugated plastic dividers, laminated
          • Sliding Waves, Ecofoldbox and Smartfoldbox projects 
          • Steal racks and special custom packaging.
          This use of specially adapted dunnage for type products largely reduces the risk of their damage during their transport and handling.

          The EKOLINE range has received several prestigious awards for packing of the year.

          Custom packaging

          Code : 301670
          We offer a wide range of custom packaging. Production can be carried out exactly according to the customer's requirements and from the piece quantity.
          182720793746168_ESHOP SLID

          Sliding Waves

          Code : 301671
          Sliding Waves is another in a series of projects that responds to the high expectations and requirements of customers. It is a box with flexible internal fixation.
          182720793746168_ESHO B+C

          Boomerang a Combi box

          Code : 301672
          These are boxes with special customer requirements for the dimensions and properties of crates.
          182720793746168_KOVO ESHOP

          Metal Containers

          Code : 301673
          Containers with the maximum robustness and long life. Containers can be supplied with specially designed and adapted fixations.
          182720793746168_ESHOP E+S

          Ecofoldbox a Smartfoldbox

          Code : 301674
          These are folding systems with a very simple and intuitive folding system.
          182720793746168_EPP ESHOP

          EPP Packaging for Sensitive Parts

          Code : 301675
          EPP packages have an optimal ratio of strength and low weight. They have a high saving of logistics costs during return.
          182720793746168_FIX ESHOP

          Box and Crate Dunnage

          Code : 301677
          All types of dunnage ( foam , textile , cardboard plastic) can be coated with different types of laminations. Thanks to the possibility of digital printing, we can prevent human mistakes when inserting parts into fixations.
          182720793746168_PEN ESHOP

          Foam Dunnage

          Code : 301678
          It ensures perfect protection of surface-treated and brittle products, especially during transport and handling. It can be perfectly adapted to the size and shape of the inserted goods. It provides perfect protection against shock and vibration.

          Textile Dunnage

          Code : 301679
          Textile fixation with the possibility of lamination.

          Cardboard Plastic Dunnage

          Code : 301680
          It can be supplied in several colors, thicknesses, densities. The main advantages include variability, heat resistance, resistance to UV radiation.

          Do you need to pack automotive parts ?

          Code : 301682
          You have not found the goods or product you need in our offer, fill in the demand and our project manager will contact you.

          Interior parts

          Code : 301683
          You did not find goods or a product for packaging your interior part in our offer. Fill in the demand and our project manager will contact you.
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