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    Types of dunnages

    • Dunnage is manufactured from various materials:

    • We deliver several types of dunnage:
                  cardboard plastic

    • All dunnage typesmay be coated with various types of lamination.
    • We can prevent human error when inserting parts into dunnage thanks to the digital printing.


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    Foam Dunnage

    Code : 301678
    It ensures perfect protection of surface-treated and brittle products, especially during transport and handling. It can be perfectly adapted to the size and shape of the inserted goods. It provides perfect protection against shock and vibration.

    Textile Dunnage

    Code : 301679
    Textile fixation with the possibility of lamination.

    Cardboard Plastic Dunnage

    Code : 301680
    It can be supplied in several colors, thicknesses, densities. The main advantages include variability, heat resistance, resistance to UV radiation.
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