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    Special offer
    182720793746168_BEKUPLAST PALLET VARIO PV1208.3K10-0930E
    Special offer

    Pallet vario 1208 M basic 3ROR (PV1208.3K10-0930E) black, 3 skids, 1200x800x148 mm, outer rim 7 mm, open deck

    Code : 291543
    Pallets for the technical industry meet customer requirements across all industries, from light construction to heavy duty pallets, with open or closed top deck.
    182720793746168_3262_0003 GREY
    Special offer

    Crate Basicline 3262/0003 grey, closed version, open handles

    Code : 252863
    Basicline crates are comprehensive line of light crates intended for technical and food industry. They are available in five measures with several heights, in closed or perforated version.
    182720793746168_BEKUPLAST 0915 V11 BLUE
    Special offer

    Transport trolley 0915 V11 blue, 610x410 mm, 4x galvanized swivel castor with rubber wheels

    Code : 273200
    Carts under crates are designed to safely and easily transport stacks of crates. We offer carts with different variants of the loading floor according to the dimensions and types of crates.
    182720793746168_H1 83100801 GREY_2013~2
    Special offer

    Pallet H1 light grey, 3 closed runners, outer rim, no central ret., open deck

    Code : 224070
    Hygienic plastic pallets meet the strictest design and construction requirements for food industry operation.
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